Skip McKinley

tunebook 4 tunes.

Yes greetings to you all whoever you may be

I live in Stonington Ct but grew up in Indiana. In between, I spent a decade in Boston and had the fortune of knowing and playing with legendary Irish musicians and their Amerian proteges both in Boston and in Ireland.

I started the sax at age 6 and gave it up after high school jazz band…still have an alto. The Boston scene led me to the flute and , fast forward, my go to instrument is a 10 keyed flute made by James Pask in London around 1850.

By day I am an architect but by night I am a flute player or as a friend’s daughter said,“he is Batman.” Music and architecure are very closely related.

I take this opportunity to thank The Session for providing such a wealth of inspration and knowledge and hope that I can make worthy contributions as a member.

best Skip McKinley