tunebook 11 tunes.

Hello, my name is Glauber Ribeiro, and i’m a musician.

I was born and grew up in Brazil, and now i live in the Chicago area, in the US. My wife, Henrieta, is Slovak, and our daughters, Laura and Isabella, are USian. Our older daughter, Ana, comes from a proud Irish, Border Collie family.

You can buy my CDs here, if you wish:
If you don’t want to buy, at least let me know what you think.

I’m a member of the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club (a branch of CCE):

My main axes for Irish music are:
Gary Humphrey’s wide bore brass high D whistle with custom scale.
Silkstone high D alloy whistle.
M&E keyless PVC flute:
PVC pipe flute by Doug Tipple
6-key blackwood flute by Eamonn Cotter
Keyless piccolo by Hammy Hamilton
Water Weasel high-D whistle
“Reuben” flute stand bought from David Migoya at

Another fun little flute: a hardwood quena by Mark Hoza
Mark has also made a great wooden head for my other (metal) flute. If you poke around his site you may find my sound clips. My latest CD features this headjoint:

I now play mandolin too. I’m slowly getting up to speed on the Irish stuff. I have a Mid-Misouri M-11 and an Ovation MM-68.

My day job is programming computers, usually large database stuff.

I once played some tunes with Zina. I may or may not have talked with Will on the phone.