tunebook 89 tunes.

I am an architect from Cordoba (Spain). I play whistles and flute in a celtic -mainly Irish- music band called ‘Càirdean’. You can visit us on http://myspace.com/cairdeanfolk

I also play keyboards, guitar and bouzouki, and try to play any ‘unusual’ instrument I can get… (the last one I bought was a hurdy-gurdy). I used to compose orchestral music with my computer when I was a student and had spare time, but now I am focused in composing ‘traditional-irish-like’ music.

Oh, and just in case there is someone else in TheSession.org like me, I am a barefooter, ie I walk barefoot as much as possible (even in the street), but unfortunatelly I just can do so in spring and summer, and never when I am at work.