tunebook 39 tunes.

My name is Eleanor Walker and I have been playing the fiddle since I was 11. I come from Northumberland, and am currently at university in Edinburgh so sadly I don’t have as much time for music as I’d like. I’ve tried my hand at composing a few tunes, but so far I’ve only released 1 into the world. I enjoy being at celidihs both as a dancer and a musician and the highlight of my year is the Folkworks Summer School in Durham.

Here are the ABC’s for the tune I have released into the world. It was inspired by the view form my bedroom window last winter. and it won 2nd prize at the Morpeth Gathering composition contest this year. Feedback much appreciated!

T: Purple Sunrise
R: Hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|: FE |\
“Dm” DFAd “Gm7” BGBd | “A7” ^cAcf “Dm” d3 (3efg | “F” agfa “C/E” gfeg | “Dm” fe (3def “A7/C#” e^c A2 G/E/ |
“Dm” DFAd “Gm7” BGBd | “A7” ^cAcf “Dm” d3 (3efg | “F” abag “Gm7” fgfe | “A7” (3def e^c “Dm” d2 :|
|: (3efg |\
“Dm” afda “C” gece | “Gm7/Bb” fe (3def “A7” e^c A2 g/e/ | “Dm” dedc “Bb” BcBG | “Gm7” GBAG “A7” E3 G/E/ |
“Dm” DFAd “Gm7” BGBd | “A7”^cAcf “Dm” d3 (3efg | “F” abag “Gm7” fgfe | “A7” (3def e^c “Dm” d2 :|