I’m an enthusiastic but strictly amateur musician, playing a wide range of styles (I also play lead guitar and sing in a a blues/rock covers band!!). For traditional music, I’m mainly a guitar accompanist, though I occasionally play bouzouki and keyboards as well, and sing across a number of genres. In 2015 I relased a solo CD “Collaborations” featuring a range of accompaniment styles with 15 different musicians. Based in Dublin, Ireland, for traditional music I mainly use dreadnought steel-string guitars and Joe Foley bouzoukis. I prefer standard tuning (it’s what I learned as a beginner, long before I caught the trad bug!) but occasionally stray into dropped D or DADGAD. (It’s GDAD on the bouzouki). Main traditional music influences would be the Bothy Band and Planxty (yes I’m that old!) but as I play rock, blues, folk and a bit of jazz as well, my style tends to be a mixum-gatherum of all of the above.