Suzie Blanchette

Hello, I’m from Quebec, Canada. I play mandolin, banjo tenor, irish bouzouki, piano, tin whistle… Actually, I’m learning to play concertina. I find it so thrilling to learn a new instrument and see the progression I make.

My grandfather was a fiddler but I didn’t see him play. He died when I was too little. My mother (his daughter) gave me the love of music. The link to traditional music was broken though. The generation of my mother didn’t promote that kind of music with their children. Instead, they played social dances music and classics from la chanson française.

A few years ago, I had a flash and learned accordion piano (I knew already piano so this one was easy) with the help of youtube videos. Then a year later, mandolin. I don’t remember why I wanted so hard to learn the mandolin, maybe because I stumbled by accident, again on youtube, over an Irish traditional music played on the mandolin. I was hooked !