Andrew Wilson’s tune sets

Dionne, The Mouth Of The Tobique.

T: Dionne
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
Adfd gdfd|Adfd ed (3Bcd|Adfd gdfd|efec d2(3dcB|
Adfd gdfd|Adfd ed (3Bcd|Adfd gdfd|efec d2||
|:fg|afbf afde|fded Bcde|afbf afde|fded d2fg|
afbf afde|fded Bcde|afbf afde|fded d2:|
|:F2Ad fdAF|G2Bd ~g3B|ABce gece|defg afdA|
F2Ad fdAF|G2Bd ~g3B|ABce gece|1 dfec dBAG:|2 dfec defg||
|:a2fd afda|g2e=c gefg|a2fd afda|1 gece defg:|2 gece d3B||
T: The Mouth Of The Tobique
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF|GF GA (3Bcd ed|Bd BA GB AG|
AB AF DF AF|1 GA Bc d2 (3DEF:|2 GB AF G2 ef||
gf ga gd Bg|fd Ad f2 gf|ed cB AG FD|1 GA Bc d2 ef:|2 GB AF G2 z (3D/E/F/||
G [BG] z [c2G2] z [B2G2]|z2 [c2G2] z [B2G2] z|FG AB cA FD|GA Bc d2 (3DEF|
G [BG] z [c2G2] z [B2G2]|z2 [c2G2] z [B2G2] z|FG AB cA FD|GB AF G2 (3DEF:|