Fred Johnston

I’m a musician and singer for longer than I can recall, based now in Galway. Guitar and singing was my forte. I had a band called Parsons Hat for some years. I played in Galway since the hey-days of Mrs Cullen’s famous pub in Foster Street; I was very sad to learn just today, August 3rd 2020, of the death of Mickey Finn’s old musician pal, singer and guitarist TERRY SMITH, of Galway. I played with both in my time. Many musicians will have known both of them, of course. Reminds me that the city has lost fine musicians too quickly and too early over the past short while; the great piper Pat Broderick, his wife bodhran player Ann-Marie, guitarist and singer Tony Small, Johnny Mullins, Mary McPartlan, Mary O’Sullivan: going back a bit we have of course Paul Wilkins, Pete Galligan, Mickey Finn, Alec Finn of ‘De Danaan,’ Co. Down flute-player Charlie Brown, singers Kevin, Pat Conneely of the Sunday Sessions in The Crane Bar, box-player Johnny Connolly - it seems like a whole generation has gone. and I’m sure to have left out one or two. These were the musicians I got to know since I arrived in the late ’Seventies. And most of whom I played with at one point or other.