I had forgotten about the Grahan Sisters until I met brother Tony in a pub in Kilburn, about 20 years ago while it was still the capital of Ireland. That was the first time I met him. I enquired about his 3 sisters who were "top" entertainment in their home town, home pub and the West of Ireland but also throughout Ireland in the second half of the 1960s. The pubs were quiet then for most of the week, but came into life on Sat & Sunday as "singing pubs" as we called them attracting the crowds, and the Grahan sisters were a loved for the fun atmosphere they created, and filled pubs to the brim. They were lively and ‘got the craic’ going, beer went down well. But that was 54 years ago when recorded music was rare in The West. Coal miners packed into Zepher Fours & Cortinas in Arigna and headed for Grahan’s in Boyle & then onto The Mayflower. The music was all ‘sing-along’ and the craic was mighty. Sad to read above that the Pub is no longer in the Grahan family, as I have real fond memories of my nights there.