Sir Illsa Moustache

I’m an old (50) suburban, skate punk that grew up in Los Angeles in the 1980’s. I’ve played guitar in hardcore punk and hard rock/metal bands up until 2018. Most recently hard rock like Clutch, Black Sabbath, The Sword, etc.

I happened onto The Pogues way back in the late ‘80’s and have been a fan of them and ‘Irish’ flavored music ever since. That led me on to all the older Irish folk bands of the 60’s onward, and an affinity for the ‘Celtic’ style punk rock bands like The Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly.

I got into ‘old time’ fiddle jams years ago, playing guitar and even taught myself to play the fiddle, but was never drawn to it like I am to Irish folk music.

I recently sold my Gibson SG, Les Paul and Orange 1/2 stack amp and bought myself a Deering Goodtime Artisan 19 fret tenor, so I can finally start playing some Irish and American-Irish tunes…by myself, unfortunately, because there’s really no one around me here in Oregon to jam Irish style tunes with. But my wife is from Scotland, lived in Ireland for years, and says that we should play some songs together for fun. Ummm…we’ll see how that goes.

This site has been a great resource for Irish banjo questions. Lots of informed opinions and suggestions!