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Good Day.

I am hovering somewhere around 47 as I update this, and play largely flute, whistle, as well as piano and chromatic (B-griff) accordion. I try to balance practice times around my work schedule and family life with my wife and three sons, not much in the way of sessions in these parts.

Despite what anyone may say, there is plenty of room for the playing of the piano/chromatic accordion in Irish Traditional Music. I learned the piano accordion as a child, self-taught, because my folks wouldn’t pay for lessons. When I wanted to learn to play ITM back around 1998 or so, I was told that I had to learn an authentic Irish instrument, the PA wouldn’t do no how.

Well, I put it aside for about six years, and learned the flute and whistle. However, I’ve come back to the PA now, having learned some sensitivity to the music, how it’s played, and applying it to the PA, as many like Alan Kelley, Jimmy Keane, Karen Tweed, Mirella Murray and others have done. It can be done, and it can be done *right*.

I’ve also leared a lot about how melodions had a massive impact on ITM, not all thinking for the better, and then the B/C tuning again making waves. So, I count it no big thing if it takes a while for the PA to become ‘accepted’, as I think it fits just fine.

I really have enjoyed learning the B-Griff Chromatic accordion, which I got into when I started becoming enthralled with Russian music… Those minors are addicting! And in the end I have really come to enjoy the keyboard layout, it is simply amazing.

Oh, I also play C-Melody Saxophone, but I don’t think that’s a particularly good for ITM, so I don’t bother. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was in a band called "Twice Daily" before our string player up and deserted us by moving away. Such is life, we didn’t try to recover. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our CD is now in boxes in our respective basements, and online in the Apple iTunes Music Store, a few copies are over at CD-Baby at this time, not sure how long they’ll be there though.