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My name is Stephen. I am 36 and from Elgin, Il (near Chicago). I have been making music my whole life. I have (some but not extensive) formal training on piano, violin, boehm flute, and viola. I am self-taught on guitar and bass guitar. I have also experimented with recorder, clarinet, drums, and many improvised instruments (washtub-bass was a lot of fun). I was mainly a bassist from highshool on, until recently, when physical limitations have prevented me from being able to play gigs like I would like to. I was in several bands playing various types of rock, punk and metal. recently I have been playing more mellow music on acoustic guitar and learning to play keyless flute. I listen to every type of music, from ancient, classical and traditional, to jazz, blues, folk, country, rock, and even polka and rap. I find world music especially intriguing. I firmly believe that there are only 2 kinds of music, good and bad (mostly good).