Magdalena Schneider’s tune sets

The Banks Of Spey, Lime Hill.

T: The Banks Of Spey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
"Am"[A,2E2A2] A>B A>Bc<e|"G"d>cB<A {A}G2 G2|"Am"[A,2E2A2] A>B A>Bc>d|e>cd<e "C"g2 ~g2|
"Am"a>ge>cd>e g<a|"G"e<g g>B G2 G<B|"Am"A<E A>Bc>d e<g|"G"e>d Tc<B "Am"{B}A2Ac||
"Am"A<E A>c A<E A>c|"G"~B>cdB ~G2 G<B|"Am"A<E A>c A<E c>d|"C"e>cd<e g2~g2|
"Am"a>ge>cd>e g<a|"G"e<g g>B G2 G<B|"Am"A<E A>B c>d e<g|"G"e>d Tc<B {B}A2 A2||
T: Lime Hill
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
a|e<cc>B A<FF>A|E<CE>F A2 A>B|c>Bc>e f>ef<a|e<cc>A B2 B<a|
e<cc>B A<FF>A|E<CE>F A2 A>B|c>Bc>e f>ef>a|e<cB<c A2 A||
d|c<ee>f e<ca>e|c<ee>f e2 g<a|c<ff>a f>e a/g/f/e/|c<ff>g f2 (3fga|
c<ee>f e<ca>e|c<ee>f e2 (3efg|(3agf (3edc (3dfd (3cec|B<EG>B A2 A||