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Intro Jan ‘21 - Hi. My name is Josh. I’m in my mid-30s and I don’t currently play any instruments. I own a number of them but haven’t played anything seriously since high school. In school, I played the violin and then the saxophone. I’m entirely incapable of playing them now.

That said, I own a couple tin whistles, a recorder, baritone uke, Native American flute, and a kalimba. There might be one or two others that I’m missing. I’m not even remotely good at any of them. I bought them to see if they would pique my interest in learning a new instrument, and were relatively inexpensive.

I was also super tempted to buy a concertina after seeing Mohsen Amini play one, super amazing artist, but decided that I should probably learn and get comfortable with something I own first before moving on. Also, have you seen the price of even the low-end concertinas?

In the past, I’ve visited TS off and on when learning about the penny whistle, and decided that if I want to get good at anything, and since I really enjoy Scottish and Irish folk music, I would probably most enjoy taking on the tin whistle. So that’s why I’m here.

Update Nov ‘21: I’ve since purchased a concertina, which I love, and I’m learning to play tunes on both the concertina and the tin whistle at the same time. It’s fun and challenging. Glad I splurged and purchased the concertina.