Jacqui Robertson-Wade

I’m a viol player, cellist and teacher. (www.violplayeronline.co.uk) Originally from Hampshire, I relocated in 2016 with my barqoue violinist husband to North Devon.

I have written 3 tutors for the viol and now working on the next one. I came across some tunes in the Nighties Collection and would like to ask for permission to use them in Viol Player Book 4 for Treble viol. They are The Streams of Abernethy by Wendy Stewart, Crabbit Shona by Angus R Grant and The Dingwall JIG by David Gordon. From reading on this site, I see that Angus Grant has passed away. Is there anyone who can help me get permsssion to publish? Any help would be very much appreciated. Jacqui