Hello, I am from Canterbury and having made a violin two years ago I started to play it. I am 76 , a retired GP and amateur watercolour artist and having by chance come across the music of Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham, whilst on holiday in Moray Firth, I found I had discovered a completely new artistic venture. So much so that I made another violin during the Covid epidemic to see if I could produce one with a much bigger voice. I love playing compositions by Phil and Aly and also Jay Ungar. It has been the most amazing discovery of my old age, and I reckon it has made me feel at least ten years younger. So a huge thank you to the sessions for providing all this fabulous sheet music. Does anyone have the sheet music for Phil’s Dr Robbie Shepherd MBE as recorded on Aly and Phil’s CD “No Rush”? Thanks to everyone who has made this possible .
PS We were very sorry to miss Aly and Phil’s concert in Emsworth due to the Covid outbreak but we now discover it will go ahead later this year. Great news.