Dianne Porter

tunebook 12 tunes.

I am a singer and guitar player (Dianne Porter) with my husband (Michael Porter) a singer and banjo picker. We love bluegrass, old timey, country and folk music - we are also singer songwriters.
We host two FREE jam sessions a month in Canberra where players of all levels are welcome to come and share a tune with others present. People play the music they know what ever genre that is but it must be acoustic as there is no sound system in use.
First Saturday of the month from 10am to 2pm in the Up Opping shop at Ainslie Church of Christ on the corner of Grimes St and Limestone Ave.
Second Saturday of the month from 12md till we have had enough under the pergola beside Enid Lyons St on the lake side of the Questacon Building in Parkes ACT AUSTRALIA
Our vision is to encourage others to host small jam sessions free of charge utilising the abundance of public parkes as the venue where any one is welcome to come and join in. Its not a concert or blackboard concert it is an all acoustic jam session with no sound systems present where each participant is encouraged to share a song they know that is easy to learn on the fly. Its a great way and affordable way to develop the skills of playing by ear and of playing with other people.