Herb Clark

I was an accordion player in my early teens in 1956-58. but lost my accordion and music in the Paradise fire. I had just taken up the instrument when all was lost. Six moths later, I bought another accordion, took a few lessons and joined a small group of old accordion players in Chico, CA. I was making progress until Covid 19 hit. I continued to practice on my own and we will be restarting the group the day after St. Pat’s day to play Irish tunes outside with our masks on!
The other reason I want to learn this song, besides for my own pleasure, is to have it as part of an 8 Bells ceremony for a sailing friend of mine who passed "over the bar" last fall. I especially like music that has the guitar cords for the base and the treble notes for the piano keyboard. It makes it easier for me to improvise my base.