Kristin Maxwell

Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit any musical talent from my father who was ALWAYS in search of new challenges musically. He went from Bagpipes when I was under 4 years old, to Flamenco Guitar during my high school years, to all sorts of flutes and tin whistles after I headed to college and my “adult” life. At one point, he purchased a Dusty Strings Celtic Harp, hoping that I might just have latent talent, but NO. He tried to teach me how to blow into a flute, finally giving up after about 1 hour, saying my lips might just not be the “right shape.” I wish I had some talent because I absolutely LOVE listening to music….all sorts! But, I have other talents! And, I’m pretty good on the bodhran; I have a good sense of rhythm. In retirement, my husband and I have opened an antiques business and a year ago moved to Staunton Virginia. I am in the process of inventorying all of my father’s instruments, which I will be selling through our business. I am also looking forward to the return to live music. My first “shot” at some sort of normalcy will be at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in July!