Paul Forrester

Hello,thank you for letting me join The Session.I am from Glasgow(Glaschu).Scotland,U.K.(of GB and NI).
I’m not very young(66yrs) but I’m young at heart! I have always loved Irish music but only started to "get
into it" 20 years ago.I also started to learn the Irish language then,which I love:but I’m not that fluent(liofa),
which is probably because I don’t have to study for exams etc. Idon’t attend any classes in the language.
I bought a button accordion about 7 years ago and started to teach myself. Then I found out that there was
a “class” in the music for older people in all instruments,so I joined it and Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann about
4 years ago.We learn tunes together(but nobody teaches you how to play per se) and we have entered
a couple of competitions in Fleadhanna Cheoil (no success so far-but it gives us something to aim for).I have
also entered singing competitions(in English and Irish)-limited success there! Of course,there’s no classes or
competitions just now because of Covid,but here’s hoping we start again soon! Slan go foill!