Aussie Lefty

Born and mostly raised in North America; emigrated in favour of Australia 1984-1990; NZ 1990-2018; Bhutan 2018-2019; Oz 2019-present.
Began as a guitar player and singer (usually hired as a singer); added mandolin, banjo (rudimentary), bouzouki, fiddle, dobro, & a few other instruments; accompanied ceilidh (and occasional bush) dances for approx. 16 yrs, Irish step dancers for 6 yrs, Swing dancers for 40 yrs, Highland & Scottish Country dancers for about 4 yrs.
I tend to prefer older, traditional tunes and usually play in a straight trad style, except on slow airs (and a few hornpipes & reels), when I sometimes like to play a (gasp! very untrad) harmony line instead of the melody.