Ismael Belda

I grew up (in Madrid, Spain) with my parents Celtic music collection: Planxty, The Bothy Band, Andy Irvine, Finbar Furey, Seamus Ennis, Tommy Peoples, etc. (also Pentagle, Anne Briggs, June Tabor, Nic Jones, Martin Carthy…). I play guitar since I was 13, not that it shows much (I’m 44 in 2021). I’ve played electric guitar for many years, but for the last five or six years I play exclusively acoustic guitar, mostly fingerstyle. I like Bert Jansch, Randal Bays, Dave Evans, Steve Baughman, Davey Graham, Duck Baker, Alasdair Roberts, Nic Jones… but I get most of my inspiration listening to singers (Jeannie Robertson, Robin Williamson, June Tabor…), pipers, fiddlers, harpists… not necessarily guitarists.