William Sassi

Dear Jeremy,
my age is 65, I plaid folk and bluegrass music with the “Bustarins” (see our blog), vocal and guitar, since 1973. We are a group of friends and we still meet once a year gathering for a week of music and a free concert.
Last may 2021 we have lost Pascal, our mandolin player who has been playing music in Millstreet over 35th years. He was playing Accordion and his wife Brigitte plays fiddle with musicians of Millstreet, county of Cork.
With the Bustarins we did perform in 2015 end 2019 in Ireland at the Shearkin’s island near Baltimore.
I am glad to have found your web site to learn properly about traditional Irish music and Reels that I intend to play on my guitar. I like the way you designed your web The Session : bravo!
Feel free to contact me.
Musically yours