tunebook 18 tunes.

Eclectic horseman from Alaska.

I’ve loved Irish music for a long time, especially Sean O’Riada, whose "Women of Ireland" I first heard done by the jazz musician Bob James. Needless to say, after hearing more traditional settings of the piece such as in Riada’s score for the film of Synge’s Playboy, I cannot bear listening to the atrocities committed by Bob James anymore.

Only recently have I begun seriously digging in. Currently, I’m trying to find my way around a 40-button Anglo concertina in D/G and a low D whistle.

Some favorite recordings: Riada’s work with Ceoltoiri Cualann, Seamus Ennis’s piping, Peadar O Riada’s first album (hardly traditional, but still wonderful), early Chieftains stuff, Joe Cooley, others too many to name.

Just finished reading Ciaran Carson’s "Last Night’s Fun"—the best book ever written on the life of Irish traditional music.