tunebook 1 tune.

I’m a recalcitrant recidivist who is utterly appalled by the dumbing down of this website - the lunatics really have taken over the asylum (and almost all of them are cousins). Many of the recent threads on this site (as 0f 15/08/17) would have been better placed on self-help or mutual back-slapping fora. Three rules: avoid platitudes, truisms, navel-gazing pomposity. And, don’t get me going on the subject of the painfully out-dated sexist opinions and cultural misevaluations which belong to the 1950s!

Anyone starting a discussion with ‘so’ should be instantly banned from this site, as should anyone using ‘alot’. And why is it that US posters still haven’t got a clue how to use ‘literally’? And why do so many of them provide precise personal information in their details? Have they never heard of identity theft?