Kevin Cole

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Greetings from “Brain-Washington, Disenfranchised City” 😉

I play flute, albeit with not nearly enough seriousness in my practice of it. I learned it mostly by ear, and really cannot read music to save my life. I used to have a whole collection of inexpensive flutes, tin-whistles / penny-whistles, train whistle, nose flute, pan pipes, etc. Then, somehow, I got completely away from music for over 25 years, and am now trying to get back to the skill -- or lack thereof, that I once had.

I like to play rock and folk with a leaning towards the Celtic (and progressive / psychedelic).

I actually stumbled into this site quite by luck: Of late, the people I jam with have increasingly turned from acoustic only to amplification, which is driving me to murderous thoughts. But in an effort to keep my temper under control, I just searched for “flute personal monitor” in the hopes of finding something that would allow me to hear myself above the din -- and ideally, block out much of the din so as not to lose my hearing. The first hit was:

And so, here I am. I can’t promise that I’ll be the most engaged participant, and I haven’t really explored the site at all. I signed up pretty much based on reading that one thread, and then looking at the home page of this site…

Other details of possible relevance:

* Though I like Celtic stuff, I’m not really that well-versed in the wide swath of tunes out there, knowing only a handful.

* I don’t drive. So, I’d be looking at bus- / bike- / rail-accessible events.

* I’m a Free / Libre Open Source Software zealot, who is now trying to leverage code in the service of music.

* To that end, one project of interest to some here -- that I really need to get back to, and which will probably be relocated to another site before I finish it: the online edition of “The Celtic Song Book”. Even if I can’t read music, I have enough tech skills to mindlessly copy what I see… and then get the computer to play it back to me. So, have a gander (or a goose) at: