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Hello, halò, agus dia dhuit. I’m an American who wears many occupational hats and has an avid love for all things Celtic, Scottish, and Irish—especially music. I’ve been learning the bodhrán and guitar and just recently acquired a fiddle; I’m getting better at the bodhrán each day, but I am severely lacking skill in my guitar playing.

I am obsessed with Scottish puirt-à-beul—I know a great deal—and upon realizing that their tunes are the same as many jigs, reels, and strathspeys, I joined The Session to learn more about Celtic music, and especially to find the tunes that may be familiar from puirt I know.

To sum it all up: I’m no expert, but one’s got to start somewhere, no?

Thanks for reading, and I hope to make your acquaintance!

~ Arianna Fox

(P.S. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorite puirt-à-beul in case you happen to like puirt as well.)

• “Hùg air a’ bhonaid mhòir”
• “Fionnlagh ag innearach”
• “Meal do bhrògan”
• “Tha am bùachaille dubh Fionnghual”
• “Thoir a’ nall Ailean thugam”
• “Fire faire Mhòrag”
• “Mòrag, ’s i Mòrag”
• “Ho ro na priobaidean”
• “S’iomadh rud a chunna’ mi”
• “Mòr a’ cheannaich”
• “Amadan gòrach saighdear”
• “Cairistion ’nighean Eòghainn”
• “Ciamar a nì mi ’n dannsa dìreach”
• “I bhì à dà”
• “Seinn ò churadail”
• “Bodach Innse Chrò”
• “Nighean ruaidh bhàn”
• “Ruidhlidh na coilich dhubha”
• And a LOT more!