tunebook 28 tunes.

interested in a number of North American traditions (particularly the pre-groove, down east + s. donegal + galway New England contra dance styles; recently getting into w virginia styles — it’s hard to resist, despite my northern bias in the sorts of sounds I prefer, since so much collecting and documenting has been done there), and in the historical study of how they grew out of repeated waves of cross-atlantic imigration. also interested in some Donegal styles.

generally interested in the music of any living source fiddler and those one degree removed from them.

some day when I feel comfortable playing in the styles I’m involved in now I’ll start with hungarian.

my main use of thesession is to collect multiple settings of tunes from their “comments” section, and to put names to tunes I don’t know the names of

I also do a lot of transcribing from recordings (as in hundreds of tunes). can’t promise “I take requests” but I definitely take suggestions. hit me up if there’s a recording you’d love to have notation for, and I’ll see if it gets me going