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I got into Irish dance music in the early 1980’s at the Gaelic Club sessions in Sydney with the ‘three Jimmys’: Jim Philbin (Connemara), Jim Mullarkey (Sligo) & Jim McBride (Antrim). I play D/G melodeon and mandolin or tenor banjo.

Here’s a rough live recording of me playing banjo in a ceili band:

I danced Morris with the Blackwattle, Canberra & Adelaide sides, which led to me playing in various English ceilidh bands e.g. Captains Whiskers (Sydney), Bogaduck (Adelaide) and the Old Empire Band (everywhere). Besides Jimmy’s ceili band I’ve played in Kangaroo Ceili (playing Aussie tunes for Irish set dances), the Sydney Irish Dancer’s ceili band and various festival ceili bands. I’ve also played in dozens of Aussie bush bands over the years.

These days I’m discovering the tunes played by old local Aussie musicians who were recorded from the 1950s onwards, and trying to bring some of them back to life.

Plus enjoying playing jazz (bass guitar, button box) and baroque music (mandolin, recorders) with some wonderful local musicians.