bodhran bliss

tunebook 3 tunes.

Started music with a mouth organ, then a banjo-mandolin, got a bodhran in mid seventies and never looked back.

Originally from Belfast, bought the bodhran and moved to Manchester, and served an apprenticeship with “Sully”, who for some reason liked me.
Member of the infamous Gorton Morrismen, North west clog morris, and the group Gorton Tank. Also played in traditional groups.
Returned to Norn Ireland, and played zilch for about 4 years before making a comeback.

I could always play nearly anything on a mouth organ as long as I have the tune in my head, jigs, reels, marches, songs, classical, whatever. All played by ear as I have no idea what the notes on a mouth organ are, and I have no idea of the theory.

On mandolin I still play loads of slow airs as it suits the instrument, and some Carolan stuff and things like that. I would play a few jigs and reels but actually prefer playing the bodhran to such as it contributes more. We do a lot of songs as well so the mandolin is great for that.

And I still dabble with the whistle from time to time, and recently accompanying myself on the guitar. Which is not good.
I think sessions are now well established pub entertainment, and just like “big screen” football, it would be boring if we all followed the same team, or thought the same way.