tunebook 14 tunes.

My name is Charmion Chaplin-Thomas, and I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I began playing the guitar around 1970, with everybody else of my generation, but concentrated on singing until 2000, when I quit my last choir. At that time, I began working harder on the guitar and learning how to accompany others, then took up the mandolin. That was when I wandered into the heart of the world of diddly music.

Why the mandolin? I wanted a small instrument that I could take aboard an airplane. Oh, and I wanted to play diddly music … it looked like so much fun, and there was always at least one guitar already at the session when I got there, and s/he was always better than me!

The mandolin led to the octave mandolin, which led to the tenor banjo, which led to the five-string banjo and my continuing and still futile attempts to learn to play clawhammer.

Now I am anticipating leaving my high-tempo (albeit low-ranked) government job, which means being able to set my own schedule — no more 0500 reveille for me. The obvious thing to do at this juncture is start playing more, far more, and going out nights BECAUSE I CAN, and because that’s when the sessions are.

I’m told some people find middle age boring. They need to take up diddly music.