tunebook 30 tunes.

tune sets 9 sets of tunes.

My name is Charmion Chaplin-Thomas, and I live in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

I began playing the guitar around 1970, with everybody else of my generation, but concentrated on singing until 2000, when I began working harder on the guitar and learning how to accompany others. In 2004, I took up the mandolin and wandered into the world of diddly music.

Why the mandolin? I wanted a small instrument that I could take aboard an airplane. Oh, and I wanted to play diddly music … it looked like so much fun, and there was always at least one guitar already at the session when I got there, and s/he was always better than me.

The mandolin led to other instruments, including an octave mandolin, a five-string banjo and a flirtation with a lap dulcimer, but I always end up back with the little guy.

I am officially retired now, although I seem to have plenty to do, and I’m looking for a session that happens within easy driving distance in the afternoon. I hear promising things about Kitchener.