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Hi All, My wife and I - long time dancers (swing genre) have more recently gotten into her heritage music (her last name is Donahue) and along with a group of neighbors, have been putting together a session for the last couple of months. Since we all live nearby each other, we are calling this little project, “the Neighbors” - but it initially started in our homes or in our backyards.
I just picked up a violin in Sept 2021 and she has pulled out and dusted off her old clarinet. I had played various instruments over the years and find myself falling back into music once again. We are now looking to move this out more into a public venue and have even played at our local pub. We are new to all of this and are VERY grateful for such an incredible inventory a knowledgeable community!

Glad to be part of this online community and again, a heartfelt thanks to all who made this possible!