tunebook 2 tunes.

My names Tom, 23, currently living in Stirling, Scotland. I’m at university here studying Scottish History.
I play the Mandolin although I have messed around in the past with tenor banjo, guitar and melodeon. It turns out that not everyone is able to play all the instruments under the sun and I happen to be one of the unlucky ones so I’m sticking with the old mando!
Into trad English, Irish, Scottish and Shetland tunes.
Favourite trad. musicians: Niall Vallely, Simon Mayor, Tommy McAnimal, Brian Kelly, Gerry O’Connor.
Love Chris Thile’s stuff. The fella is truly a freak! That’s what mandolin playing is all about - shame it’s that bluegrass type stuff though!
Got to mention the ‘paddy mac’ - Shane MacGowan (legend), Kate Rusby and you can’t whack a wee bit of Cara Dillon either!