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Hello from France!
I’m a long time fan of irish music (it was an obsession at one point i drove my parents crazy listening to kevin burke’s lps in a loop).
I’m a classically trained musician but irish music and its aural tradition and ornements gave me such freedom, also the social contact was so different.
I played the fiddle, the guitar, the piano (not often in celtic settings) and the whistle and flute (built myself a low d with pvc plumbing pipes - 30 years onwards it still works pretty well.

I havent played irish music for a long time and miss it and when the doctor told me to “do something with my breathing” (meaning i lost lung capacity and control of the flow of breath) i thought of going back to the whistle. I “play” the high d - everyday but it’s a long road to where i was, and i ordered a low d which is my ambition and yes i know ut’s not tomorrow that I’ll be able to play it or that my lungs will be able to be that subtle and strong at the same time but it’s my goal: I’ll be in better health when i can play “red rose” on py low d AND most important of all i have an excuse (dont really need one) to meet again my beloved old friend: traditional irish music.
I love this site i hope to make friends and get good advice. One thing though i have a sin: i dont like beer! (I’m allergic to it but i dont like it anyway) single malt i do love. Can I stay and sit in the back? cheers and peace and love and musical joy to you all!