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I live in Switzerland in the highlands of Zurich and try to play the uilleann pipes, the flute and the (low) whistles. Proud member of the mustard board since 2002 - I love the tunes and recordings sections. Recently I even found a new band musician here - internet is sometimes a smaller distance than 20km …..

My pipes are a concert pitch full set in boxwood made by Allan Ginsburg around 1980, but most of the time I play it with my Eamon Curran or an Andreas Rogge D-chanter . Recently I bought two flat chanters in Bb and C made by Andreas as well - that is another pair of shoes!
I found my flute in a second hand shop for 30Euro, but it was damaged with cracks and broken or leaky keys. I hanged it on the wall and it was very nice to look at. But a few years later I started to tinker sucessfully and at the end I had a quite nice flute, not very loud, but with a nice sound. It is a “nach Meyer” flute from Markneukirchen (Germany) probably by Klemm from the end of the 19th century and it’s much better than most German flutes I touched since!
The band I play with since1 980 is callled ‘sláinte’, more information at
Listen to us at

Since a few years I’m playing at sessions also, especially at the one in Lucerne and Zurich, see

I love a lot of different music, so the real traditional Irish music like Willie Clancy, Liam Walsh, Tommy Reck, Liam O’Flynn, Micko Russel, Jean-Michel Veillon, Mick O’Brien, Patsy Hanly, Ronan Browne, Matt Molloy…. to name a few.
Some bands I would like to mention are Planxty, Bothy Band, Friel Sisters, Lunasa, Altan, Orion, Oisin and The House Band and on the not so traditional side Stockton’s Wing, Moving Hearts, the early Pogues, Stoneage, Manau, Celtas Cortos, Tri Yann and Gwendal.
Beside Irish music I like music from the Bretagne, Galicia, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Klezmer, Scandinavia, but I also like Salsa, Reggea or music by Frank Zappa, J.S. Bach, Tom Robinson, Tom Waits, Mary Coughlan, Elvis Costello, Mari Boine,The Toy Dolls, Laurie Anderson, Herbie Mann, Max Lässer, Steve Reich, Barbara Thompson, Christian Blak, Värttinä - anyway any music played with great spirit!

I have tried to add a few tunes to the tradition, feel free to play them, to alter them - just like as a real traditional tune. If you give my name it’s a honour, if you send me any recordings a pleasure!
The Final Cut
Pink, But No Barbie
Ceiliuradh Don Oige
Dieter’s Squeezing The Box