tunebook 92 tunes.

I’ve been a casual guitar player for over 30 years, playing mostly for fun, and occasional paying gigs. A few years ago I discovered that playing bodhran and strumming guitar are somewhat similar movements – more so if you’ve ever played guitar in a crowd or on a bus seat.

Been a while since I’ve logged in! ( you can lurk without logging in!!) I’m now an official member of the band Roads to Home, I got a Low D whistle last Christmas from Bill & Karen (band founders) and I just bought (10/16) a new bodhran (6x16) from Paraic Mcneela. Roads to Home recorded a “demo CD” and we NOW (09/2017) have our CD “Dark of the Moon” available on cdbaby.com, and a link here on The Session.

ANOTHER update! (sheesh, I need to lurk less and log in more!!) Roads to Home has just released our 2nd CD, of Scottish tunes & songs, (and 2 original songs written by Bill). It’s “Butter Scotch Syrup” available on cdbaby.com; links on our home pages… facebook.com/roadstohome or roadstohome.net .