I live in Missouri, USA, and where there are no good sessions within ICBM distance of my house. I have been playing fiddle for about 9 years, and recently started learning the whistle.

I currently play PVC percussion (that I built) in a PVC percussion band (I built all the instruments) and that’s pretty awesome. We currently have 5 members and like 16 instruments. Check out the Blue Man Group to see what I mean.

Pretty much any type of percussion I will try a hand at (although I’ve never played the bodhran). I’m amazing at the 32 gallon trashcan and real-estate yard sign 🙂 And the leather-covered oil barrel (some serious bass out of that thing). I also play the didjeridoo.

My favorite bands are Leahy (with my all time favorite tune, Leviathan), Flook, and Natalie MacMaster. Charlie Daniels is good, too, and so is Blue Man Group. And Bon Jovi. And Carry Underwood.

In my spare time, I do computer programming (Python, Java, Cpp), build robots, and do some digital graphics work (ie, restoring old photos)

Oh, and the 314 in my name is from Pi. I know 34 digits by memory, so I guess that makes me something of a freak (though I do know a guy who knows about 5 digits more than me…).