tunebook 1 tune.

I started playing mountain dulcimer in 1974. I now play a lot of mandolin, a little guitar, I’m just now learning fiddle (which seems to be going well) and I can’t get the hang of the concertina. If forced, I can play double bass. I also sing, and prefer to do the hramony part usually. I have two daughers who are musicians too. The oldest plays cello and pennywhistle, the youngest plays flute and piano. I live in the Rocky Mountain West, and ? I’ve been doing this kind of music for 25+ years. Oh yeah, and the e-mail name burek is a function of me being a lousy typist. My website is w3.uwyo.edu/~burek, but you’ll have to go to the site map to find out about any of the bands I’ve been in. Its mostly just an art site. A big electronic sketch pad..