tunebook 1 tune.

Len Davies, a Plymouth boy who lived in Hampshire for over 30 years. Now moved to Cornwall.
I play a Fylde “Touchstone” octave mandola, Fylde “Touchstone” mandolin, a W. Lange Triple X tenor banjo, Heartwood 5 string banjo and have recently tried to resurrect the whistle. My main interest is ITM and Cornish but I also like French and other European styles.
After over 30 years “bird” I retired, hoping to finally get in some proper practice.
With time on my hands, I tried this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBfiHb-zjTU

I’ll do better next time.
Now in a local band.
Facebook http:///www.facebook.com/Flotsam.cornwall?ref=hl
Web page http://www.rig-a-jig.co.uk/