Vidar Skrede

Vidar Skrede (born 1980) was a multi instrumentalist and a folk music artist already as a teenager. Today his instrument are hardanger violin, fiddle, 5-string octave viola, 6 and 12 string guitars, Greek bouzouki, bodhrán, whistles, mountain
flute and willow flute, and he has been doing concerts, touring and working with music both in Norway and abroad.

Vidar Skrede has studied folk music performance at Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, and master in Nordic folk music at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense, and Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

The music of Vidar Skrede is folk music from his home area in Rogaland in the South West of Norway, but also Nordic and urban folk music, and fusion of this. In other words the musical expression and style stretches from the exotic and
traditional to the modern and urban, through own compositions, band playing and expanding of the genre.

Vidar Skrede is heard in bands like «Geitungen», «Stimenn» (NO/SE), «NOMAS» (NO/SE/DK/FI), «Vidvandre» (NO/SE), «Fant&Fente», «Vidar&Laffen» and «The Great Norwegian Guitar Quartet». He is also contributing on recordings like «Geitungen – Vaniljesaus» (2001), «Geitungen – BRA KAST» (2005), «Gry Oftedal – Tvilevise» (2005), «Synnøve Sletten – Nattfiol» (2005) and «Liv Runesdatter – Syng hjerte» (2008).

The album, «Geitungen – BRA KAST», won the prize for best album of the year in open / experimental category at Norwegian folk music awards 2005.

His strong knowledge of folk music traditions, his genre-expanding skills and interests, his instruments and his
playing, makes Vidar Skrede one of Scandinavia’s most outstanding folk music artists of to day.

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