late in the evening

My name is Ben and I currently live in Melbourne. Play Flute, Whistles, Zouk and Bodhran. Love tunes from the Irish/Scottish/Breton/Asturian/Crazy new compositions family. . I’m currently a member of Cornerbrook (with bb, ciansdad and SirNose), Evenish and the Kate Delaney Band as well as the brand new trad/trip hop super group Nifty Shoeless!! (crank it up tombo!!)

Fave Players: Kevin Crawford, Michael McGoldrick, Barry Kerr, Martin Meehan, Claire Mann, Ben Stephenson, Dave Sherridan, Matt Molloy, Deidre Havlin, Catherine Sands, Harry Bradley, Desi Donnelly, Siobhan Peoples, Martin Tourish, Brian Duke, John Kelly, Elliot Grasso, Niall Vallely, Paidraig Rynne, John McSherry……….

Fave Bands: At first light, Flook, Lunasa, Beoga, Tabache, Buille, Teada, Trouble in the Kitchen, Solas, Dervish, Deanta, Felpeyu, Llan de Cubel, Kornog, Calico, Bothy Band, Grada.