I’m originally a Classically trained Trombone player. I also played Jazz for 10 years. I’ve been collecting Irish tunes since 1987 when I started touring with Pierce Turner. I toured extensively in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Every little town I would go into the local music shop which sometimes doubled as the off-license or a market of some kind and bought anything that looked Traditional and interesting. By 1989 I had about 100 albums or so. Around this time I joined forces with Black 47 and decided to learn Tin Whistle for that group. I took Bill Ochs Class at The Irish Arts Center In New York. I started going to the Sessions at The Eagle Tavern and transcribing tunes to learn them. I’m researching all the tune-Names, Types, Instruments, Musicians, etc for (I think I’ll just call it) The Reel Book. I’m also a programmer. At my site I have a MIDI search by melody program for download.