Fiddle Fancier

tunebook 54 tunes.

I am Rob Millner, a music teacher living in Muscat, Oman. I was an opera singer and fiddle player for many years. I have played fiddle for The Life O’ Riley:
The Gallus Cowboys, Medicine UK, Shane Lynch,Rollercoaster,,
the Northern Celts
World Tree Music, The Nonsuch Historical Dance Company, The Royal Shakespeare Company and Tradamis. I had two set ups of my own:I recorded some tunes with my friend Marcus Davidson and you can hear some of them at :
And a rollicking pub band called Boys on the Blackstuff
I have played in sessions in various pubs in London over the years including The Harlequin, The Hemingford Arms, The Woodman, The Old Shillelagh, The Stag’s Head, The Unicorn, The Oxford Arms etc.
and have enjoyed many sessions all over Ireland.
In the unlikely event anyone is interested in my opera singing, I sang lead tenor for Garden Opera and European Chamber Opera, and you can find a few recordings on myspace.
I like guinness, just so you know if you ever bump into me ;-) but not when I’m singing!