Hi! I’m Si Garbutt. I’m originally from Tyneside, and have a great love of Northumbrian music, old and new, as well as the more usual English and Irish session/dance repertoire. I also love French and Breton traditional-style dance music, as well as being interested in Scandinavian, eastern European and klezmer.
I play tin whistle in The Waggonload of Monkeys Ceilidh Band (now usually as a smaller lineup called the Fruitcake Band), based in South Lincolnshire, UK. We’ve been together since the early 1970s, with a few minor line-up changes - all but one of the regular members of the band were in it when we started, but a few have drifted away! (See )
We play the usual mix of barns, village halls, schools etc for village events, family parties, weddings, PTA socials etc. Our repertoire is mostly traditional “country dance” music from the UK and USA, with a few more recent pieces in the same vein and a smattering of songs. Most of the band take part in local sessions where we play a rather wider range of material.
I also play whistles and a bit of clarinet in a band called Tourdion that specialises in traditional French dances, music and songs (from all parts of the country) and modern compositions in the traditional style. Tourdion forms the core of the scratch band that plays for the monthly French Dance at Ketton near Stamford, and some of us run regular music sessions (not exclusively French) in nearby villages. See