tunebook 13 tunes.

tune set 1 set of tunes.

I’m a translator (German-English) by trade and acoustic musician by avocation. I play primarily fiddle (Irish and old-timey), but also 5-string Bluegrass banjo, mandolin (regular and octave), dobro, guitar, bodhran, spoons, concertina and a few other instruments. I live in the “motherlode” area of California in Amador county. My BA was in music composition from San Jose State, but I dropped classical music after marriage. My family lives about 15 minutes from any sign of civilization and 1.5 hours to the nearest city. My wife is a nurse practitioner, and I have three kids (31, 324, 37). My musical involvement includes assisting the worship team in church every Sunday, an irregular Irish group and an Americana band covering a range of styles.