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My name is Jessica Conlan-Glover. I’ve been playing traditional Irish music for the last 20 years. I started classical flute in 4th grade and switched to tin whistle. I was inspired by my dearest best friend, CHRISTEL RICE who is amazing and accomplished on her Irish flute and whistle (not to mention her other instruments and music). I practice everyday. I take my whistle everywhere I go. I am always working on improving my technique and take constructive criticism from those who are professionals any chance I get! I used to Irish step dance, but traded that in for triathlons! My main business is painting in oils and acrylics and illustrating children’s books. I also own and run 2 espresso cafe/restaurants in Tampa called Jet City Espresso…Come get sconed! I host 2 of the 4 sessions we have in Tampa and always welcome guest or new players! Contact me on FB (Jessica Conlan) or Instagram (jetcityhydepark or jessicarita2727)

Look up facebook @ (Search: Full name🙂 Jessica Conlan