Owell Mabee

tunebook 1 tune.

fiddle, Texas, middleaged fatman. Also play Hurdy-Gurdy, (not a good instrument for ITM, so let’s talk about something else.)

Relearning the P.A, I was inspired to pull it out because my bandmates like to sing in screwy keys. We mix songs and dances in sets. So I’m learning the dance tunes. After 4 months, I have 1/2 a dozen tunes I can play at 40 bpm

3 sailors walked into a bar. You’d think the other 2 would have ducked.

Playing Slow Airs is like taking a bath. You should do that every day, but not in public.

To be traditional would imply a focus on the past and working within those boundries, but anything that doesn’t change is very, very dead.

I have been recently informed that I am a space-alien robot. Pardon the stilted grammer.