Gander Dave

tunebook 3 tunes.

Started life as a cello player which I had to unlearn on discovering trad. music. Later about 1983 bought the wrong system of concertina (english-ah the ignorance of youth) which I have battled with ever since. As far as traditional Irish music goes it is a little bit like an unruly nag, it needs a firm hand and a degree of perseverance to keep the feel, decoration and rhythm as it should be.
Rediscovered the cello in sessions when working in Scotland which was fun. I currently play a lovely session near Leicester, mainly trad Irish, but Nyckelharpa and gurdy players have been known to turn up.
Michael, the session’s flute player has just made two Nyckelharpas. The box player and i have a lend of them, crazy instruments! Nice one Michael!