my names louisianna
im from england and iv been playing the button accordion for 10years
iv got a cairdin (tis a real beauty)
i love it
you know there are times when your growing up (im 17) when i hated it…(biggest choir of me young life…and plus it wasnt cool at skool) and my mum n dad were never that interested in the trad irish music side of things so it was left up to me to push myself to practise…AND IM GLAD I DID
these days i love it…cant get enough of it
i love the fleadhs, and folk festivals…the whole irish scene…definatly the party side of it 2
im not really a competitive person so i dnt get into entering the fleadhs…i just love to watch…bar the group cheol…whats life without ur groupies hey =)
anyway if any kiddies read this…keep at it trust me one day you’l realize how special and beautiful the music really also pretty soppy
anyway PEACE!! xx