tunebook 5 tunes.

I am retired and have been playing melodeon for about 15 years. I play for Brighton Morris Men and occasionally for Cuckoo’s Nest ( the Brighton women’s morris side). I also play at various local English traditional sessions.

I am a member of Kate’s Kitchen Band and we are gradually improving. We play for ceilidhs, mostly around Brighton.

My playing partner, Saskia, plays the fiddle and we go busking together and play at various functions.

My melodeon is a Castagnari Matty with three rows: C#/D/G. It is fine for the morris using the D/G rows, and it can be played Irish style (not by me!) using C#/D. I am gradually getting to grips with tunes in keys other than D and G, in particular A and C and the odd tune in Dminor and even Bflat Major, but it is hard going…